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Complete car service is a dime a dozen in South Brisbane, but just because shops are plentiful doesn’t mean they’re effective. Only the rare servicing shop is able to accomplish what Genesis Auto Works has accomplished in its tenure in South Brisbane. Our recipe for success is simple. We know cars, and we care about people.

We have worked on thousands of vehicles in our history, and we hope that we see thousands more come through our workshops. Each mechanic here is certified by governing authorities and capable of ably performing maintenance and repair on any SUV, car, or truck that rolls through our doors here in South Brisbane.

What can we do for you? Take a look.

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Roadworthy Certificates

We don’t just repair vehicles or keep them healthy with maintenance. We also help people obtain roadworthy certificates. People who are trying to sell a vehicle frequently use roadworthy certificates to prove to a buyer that the car is roadworthy and ready to rock. To get this certificate, you need a certified vehicle tester to inspect and drive your vehicle and then certify it as roadworthy. Our shop has a whole fleet of certified vehicle testers to help you out.

The inspection part of a roadworthy certificate tests components like tyres, wheels, suspension, brakes, lamps, chassis, and engine. The crew here takes the time to really do the job proper, so you can trust our roadworthy certificates and so can your buyer.

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Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

The air conditioning component is one of the most important mechanical parts of your vehicle. Unhappily, the AC is also one of the systems most likely to break down. Think of all those hot summer days where you’re out with your buddies. Don’t you always keep the AC cranked up on high? If you do this, you’re not alone. We see a lot of broken air conditioners over the years.

This sad story has a happy ending when you entrust our mechanic South Brisbane with your repairs, though. The service we do on ACs include a number of repairs and maintenance. We check:

  • System fan levels
  • Output temperature
  • Switches
  • Coolant levels
  • Lots more!
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Wheel Alignment

Cars are complex beasts. They are engineered using sound rules of the scientific world and often work in ways that the average person doesn’t understand. A car is much like a human body. Lots of them exist, but very few people are able to understand their complicated makeup. Services like wheel alignment are part of our all-round set menu of maintenance. Wheel alignments are a basic maintenance service, but they do a lot more for your car than you think they do. Not only do they increase the lifetime service of your tyre setup, but they have a big time effect on fuel efficiency and the way other parts of your car age.

Did you know that just by getting regular wheel alignments, you can:

  • Get the best fuel efficiency
  • Make your vehicle safer to drive because it will have more traction on the road
  • Save money on auto repairs
  • Make your car easier to steer
  • Reduce jarring on the road

We can perform an inspection on your wheels and see if it’s time to have your regular wheel alignment. You would be shocked at just how much better a vehicle drives after it has had a wheel alignment.

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Tyre Fitting

Like all parts of a car, sometimes tyres take a hit. They might deflate so much that it’s hard to drive the car or they might become physically damaged and need to be replaced. A tyre fitting service is the perfect answer to these issues. Removing a bad tyre and fitting in a new one isn’t something the entire world population is able to do. We’re able to do it perfectly because we have certified tyre fitters on staff. We say with no modesty at all that our tyre fitters are as good at their job as any tyre fitter has ever been.

Diagnosing a problem with a tyre is our first course of action before coming up with a strategy to fix the issue. Sometimes a tyre can be saved; other times, you’ll be looking through our wide spectrum of new tyres to grab a new set and start over. Our expert tyre fitters keep your vehicle roadworthy and up to the task of daily life.

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Diagnostic Work

South Brisbane diagnostic work is 100% one of the most crucial services that any mechanic will ever perform. A good, proper diagnostic procedure, using the latest computer equipment, is the fastest way to diagnose a problem with any vehicle and then get the issue repaired. In some cases, there won’t even be a repair at all that needs to be made. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of “this car needed maintenance but not repair.” When that happens, our diagnostic work actually saves you money by keeping you from hiring us for a costly repair that wasn’t even needed.

Southside car owners can depend on our South Brisbane squad to perform trustworthy, timely diagnostic work that gets results. Whenever we can, we do a diagnostic procedure the same day. This lets you know that your vehicle needs “X” repair, and we can then give you a financial price tag for what that repair might cost. People sometimes find it very cheering to know exactly what is wrong with their car without having to wait and stress over it.

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Brake service can be preventative maintenance or it can be full blown major repairs. Of all the components on your car, the brakes are the #1 safety mechanism you have on your side. If something goes wrong with them, your life could even be in danger. Our top notch brake services will never fail you.

Our mechanics do hundreds or thousands of brake jobs every year, so we know how essential it is that your mechanic knows how to work on brakes. Common brake repairs we do throughout the year include shoe replacement, line replacement, and caliper replacement. That’s not nearly as many brake repairs as we meet head on every year, but it is a good set of examples.

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Suspension Systems

Suspension systems stabilize your automobile so that it doesn’t go out of control. When something on a suspension system breaks, the car can become more than just unpleasant to drive. It might become deadly. People who suspect an issue with their suspension system should call our auto service shop right away. Waiting to fix a suspension issue sometimes results in the vehicle becoming uncontrollable and as a result dangerous.

We inspect suspension systems and certify that they are safe. Shocks and struts are components that we very often see go bad in a vehicle. We’re able to replace your shocks and struts in a way that’s cost-friendly to you. Other issues you might experience with the suspension system involve steering. Steering itself is how you control your car and send it in the right, safe direction. Stabilizer bars are another part of these two systems. We’re able to inspect, maintain, and even replace stabilizer bars on just about any model of vehicle.

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We’re respected in the local area that we work in, but you’ve likely heard of us in other areas as well. Having a strong reputation with the online community is one of our chief goals. We want customers to walk out of our service center and feel like they’ve had the best auto repair experience of their life. Each of our mechanics strives to make that happen.

Mechanics work on cars. That’s their profession. There’s something more important, though. Mechanics also must care about and work with people just like you. Our service goes from efficient and expert to “world renowned” when we serve people and not just cars. You will find that our mechanics are easy going, trustworthy, nice to talk to, and very friendly. They’re also prompt and stick to their schedules.

Genesis Auto Works thanks you for taking a few minutes of your day to learn about our business. More than a business, though, we’re running something that’s a big part of our community. This little corner of the world needs an auto repair service that it trusts. We’re that service. It’s easy to schedule a repair or maintenance job with us. Genesis has a lot of manpower on the job and can handle repairs and maintenance jobs as they come into us.

Are you experiencing an issue with your vehicle right now? Do you need help from people who care about your car and you, too? Call Genesis Auto Works today! Our friendly team is here to schedule you for your service appointment and make your car healthy again.

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