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Brisbane’s Only Certified DSG Workshop

Our team of Experienced DSG Technicians are Certified DSG Repair Specialists in Brisbane.

Genesis Autoworks West End is the only Authorized DSG Service Centre in Brisbane backed by industry experience and years of real world training when it comes to DSG Gearbox Servicing and Repairs.

Do you need your DSG Gearbox Serviced in Brisbane? Our team can help. We offer a full DSG Service Package which includes a pre-scan and report, all DSG Oil replaced, DSG Filter, DSG Filter O Ring, DSG Plug Sealing Washer, Basic Setting / Clutch Calibrations Reset, Software check and update if required. 

We can also carry out all DSG Repairs including 6 and 7 speed, Audi S Tronic, Dry clutch DSG Repairs, Wet Clutch DSG Repairs, 7 Speed Mechatronic Repairs / Replacements, 6 Speed Mechatronic Repairs / Replacements, Gearbox Selector Fork Replacement, DSG Diagnostics, Case Bearings etc. Essentially – got a DSG Issue in Brisbane? The team at Genesis Autoworks West End can help, call us today (07) 3844 7494 

Does your DSG not shift properly? Got flashing spanner lights on the dash? Clunky gears? A Noisey gearbox? Our DSG Service Brisbane is here to help.

DSG Brisbane (West End)

DSG Repair Service Brisbane

Do you have a problem with your Volkswagen, Audi or Skoda DSG Gearbox? (Direct Shift Gearbox). We can help, our team have been working on DSG Gearboxes since the Technology first appeared in the VW Group back in 2003, that’s right, 2003! That’s over 18 years, even being some of the first to develop a definitive repair Solution as opposed to the expensive ‘replace’ model.

We stock a range of DSG Service and DSG Repair parts in house, ensuring we can efficiently repair any DSG Issues you may face. Our team also have an abundance of knowledge and data on DSG Gearboxes – including essential values, settings and requirements to get a DSG Gearbox in top running order. Speak to our team of experts today to find how we can help you. 

  1. Undiagnosed Failures (6 and 7 Speed)
  2. Clutch Failures (6 and 7 Speed)
  3. Gear Bearing Failures (6 and 7 Speed – Albeit more common 6)
  4. Mechatronic Failures (Inc. 6 Speed Mechatronic Oil Circuit Fault and 7 Speed Pressure Accumulator Faults)
  5. General DSG Drivability problems / Concerns.

Call us today! (07) 3844 7494

DSG Brisbane (West End)

Mechatronics Repair Brisbane

Has your 6 or 7 speed Mechatronic unit failed? Have no fear – Genesis Autoworks is here.

As you’ve probably seen, we’re DSG experts with factory training and extensive experience in repairing the DSG Gearbox, this comes down to a general passion about what we do. It’s safe to say, if you have a DSG Mechatronic fault and you’re located in Brisbane and /or QLD we can definitely help. Interstate please also contact us, we can typically provide a nationwide service. 

So again, if your DSG Mechatronic is experiencing issues, don’t fret just yet – give our team a call to see how we can help you. 

DSG Brisbane (West End)

DSG Service Brisbane

Needing to get your DSG Gearbox Serviced in Brisbane by a expert that understands the physics and mechanics involved in your DSG Gearbox? After all, the DSG Gearbox is one of the most technologically advanced Gearboxes in the history of cars, why not have a Specialist work on it?

Just because we’re DSG Specialists, does not mean it has to cost you more money, infact, our expertise, parts sourcing knowledge and efficiency when it comes to DSG Gearbox Servicing actually saves you money in the long run. We carry out a full pre service scan to identify any potential issues prior to carrying out the service, we replace the DSG oil to the specified Factory Level with an exclusive Factory fill procedure using the Factory Audi / VW Group diagnostic tooling to ensure accurate and correct levels, replace the DSG filter, replace the DSG Filter seal, replace the DSG Sump plug washer, carry out a full post Service scan, carry out a full guided adaption drive and basic settings prior to returning your Vehicle to you.

Our team also know the difference between servicing the different VW Group DSG offered such as the DQ200, DQ250, DQ380, DQ381, DQ500, DL382, DL501 and the DL800. Needing your DSG Gearbox serviced with correct oils, parts and expertise? Don’t wait. Call us today!

 (07) 3844 7494

DSG Brisbane (West End)

DSG Diagnostics Brisbane

Genesis Autoworks West End utilize Factory Tooling and DSG equipment to carry out extensive diagnostics on your DSG Gearbox to determine what the problem is with a methodical and no nonsense approach to your issues / concerns we keep you informed throughout the whole process and ensure you understand exactly what is happening and what the fault is, we even go as far as demonstrating (if possible) the fault / issue with you.

 If you are experiencing any issues with your DSG Gearbox on any Volkswagen / Audi Group Model – both Mechanical or Electrical please contact us today for a booking. Call us today! 

(07) 3844 7494

DSG Brisbane (West End)

DSG Flywheel Brisbane

Our team can carry out diagnostics on your DSG Gearbox flywheel using the latest Manufacture diagnostic tools and specialist DSG diagnostic tooling and experience. If you are experiencing any issues with your DSG flywheel on any Volkswagen / Audi Group Model whether it be mechanical movement, idle noise, rough gear change etc., contact us today for a booking. Call us today! (07) 3844 7494

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All Makes & Models DSG Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

A DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) service entails replacing the transmission fluid and potentially the filter, updating the transmission control unit software, conducting visual inspections for damage or leaks, performing adaptation/calibration procedures if needed, and concluding with a test drive. This comprehensive maintenance is crucial for preserving the performance and longevity of the intricate dual-clutch transmission system, and the service intervals should be followed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific vehicle.

Common faults with DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) transmissions include clutch and mechatronic issues causing jerky shifts and gear selection problems, overheating resulting in reduced performance and potential damage, degradation of transmission fluid leading to rough gear changes and wear, solenoid valve failures causing delayed or harsh shifts, sensor and wiring problems causing incorrect gear selection and warning lights, software glitches leading to erratic shifting, vibration and noise during gear changes possibly due to clutch problems, and fluid leaks resulting from damaged seals or gaskets, all of which highlight the importance of regular maintenance and addressing issues promptly for optimal DSG transmission performance.

The recommended service interval for a DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) transmission can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of your vehicle. However, as a general guideline:

Regular Service: Many manufacturers suggest having a DSG service every 40,000 to 60,000 kilometres (25,000 to 37,000 miles). This service typically includes changing the transmission fluid and, in some cases, replacing the filter.

Severe Conditions: If you frequently drive in severe conditions, such as heavy traffic, towing, or aggressive driving, you might need to have the DSG serviced more frequently, potentially around every 30,000 to 40,000 kilometres (18,000 to 25,000 miles).

Manufacturer Guidelines: Always refer to your vehicle owner’s manual or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific service intervals tailored to your make and model. They provide the most accurate information based on your vehicle’s design and engineering.

Adaptive Systems: Some modern DSG transmissions have adaptive systems that adjust their service intervals based on driving conditions and usage. In these cases, the vehicle’s onboard computer may provide you with a recommended service interval.

It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your DSG transmission. Ignoring or delaying DSG service can lead to issues like rough shifting, increased wear, and even transmission failure. If you’re unsure about the appropriate service interval for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual or reach out to a qualified mechanic familiar with your vehicle’s specific requirements.